Tuttee can help you ace your chemistry exam

Tuttee can help you ace your chemistry exam

It is very difficult to clear an exam without a proper strategy in place. It is because exams are not about how much you know, it is about how much you know on that particular day of the specific exam. GCE A-level CHEM Exam is a highly competitive exam that desires you to have the ability to solve tricky chemistry questions at a very fast pace. To clear this exam, you not only require a strategy but also a mind which is able to grasp the concepts and the underlying principles in a logical as well as rational manner.

Students usually are able to understand the literature on scientific subjects like chemistry but are unable to understand the concepts without which it is purely impossible to apply them practically. Hence, Tuttee chemistry class makes sure that you understand the concepts well but also so well that you can secure a grade of A or above.

ib chemistry class has 11 years of experience in this domain with partnerships with many elite schools. Such a huge pool of expertise enables them to review and renovate their strategy to the best of its effects.

Salient features of Tuttee’s best in class exam strategy include:

  • Advance covering of all the topics asked in the CHEM exam so that revision can be done in a timely manner.
  • Assessment of the current status of a student in understanding the basic concepts of chemistry to provide a tailored strategy well suited to the student’s personal IQ.
  • Giving daily 2 hours sessions individually for the best guidance and explanation of the required principles.
  • Clearance of any misconceptions by online consultation directly with the teacher whenever the need arises.